Classic seal
As the ODDBLANC's signature collection,
the motive of the Waxseal series comes from a waxseal
which was used to seal a secret letter in the Middle Ages.
We infuse our brand philosophy to be an amulet,
and sometimes a symbolic jewel for ourselves,
into all our products, by adding special design to antique shape.

Chilbo(Cloisonne) is a Korea's traditional craft technique
for decorating jewels, such as gold and silver,
by putting colorful enamel on it and baking in a kiln
heated up over 750℃.
It was usually used for accessories, like ornaments, ring,
and hairpin that were used by nobles in the old days.
As a unique craft technique creating a rich and transparent color,
it has a great value also in terms of art.
Especially since the color of each work subtly varies according to
the thickness of the enamel used,
temperature of a kiln, baking time in a kiln, moisture content,
and many other factors even the same enamel is used,
every single one of Chilbo works is unique and special.